Welcome to The Epic! I am launching this blog as a manifesto for and a guide to living well. The title and motto of the blog are taken from the Epicureans, at least some of whom believed in the notion that not one minute of the future was guaranteed to them and that as a result they had the duty to live life to its fullest every moment.

I believe in discovering fun and pleasurable things wherever I find myself each day and I am told I have a knack for unearthing them. My hope is that by sharing in my pleasures and some of my ways of finding them you will begin to collect all the riches that lie in the moments of your life. They are there. Take them! All our lives should be.....Epic.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Joyful Noise

As I have mentioned before, 2014 was a tough year for everyone in my family.  Including my son, The Future Rock Star.  He has been in a really great spot of late, not the dour clouds of months past. Yesterday I was outside in our Southern version of cold weather, sipping a Scotch and just taking in the night sky.  When I heard a sound.  Then another. From the direction of the window to the FRS's room. Whistling. A random tune but a very happy one. So I took my Scotch and sat down in the flower bed beneath the window.  Leaned back against the bricks.  Closed my eyes.  And listened.


Ben said...

Nothing compares with knowing your child is happy.

M.Lane said...

Amen mon frère.