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Friday, December 16, 2011

The Epic Cellar: More Great Wine Under $15

From the Epic Cellar, I am very pleased to report on two wines I have recently enjoyed.  Both can be had for under $15.00 [USA] on a regular basis and I occasionally snag a bottle or two for under $10.00.  I do not think these are good wines.  I think they are great wines. I heartily recommend them, particularly with cold, damp weather upon us that just begs for a crackling fire and a big glass of red wine.

The Aquinas Pino Noir was recommended to me by a pally who happened to be my waiter one night out at dinner a long way from home.  I was very impressed with it as I have also been with the Cabernet and Merlot produced by the same house.

Just last week, I was having dinner in a favorite place in Kansas City.  A cool jazz club in the basement of an old speakeasy.  I asked the waiter about the Guenoc I saw on the menu and he was not familiar with it.  It should come as no surprise to the return reader that I have an Edwardian romantic attraction to any wine that describes itself these days as a "claret".  Particularly one with Lillie Langtree on the label.  As I was pondering my choice, the waiter returned and said he had made inquiry of a young lady co-worker who highly recommended the Guenoc.  As I am loathe to ignore the recommendation of a lady when it comes to Claret, I procured a bottle. I adored it. 

Both of these wines taste great right out of the bottle but sidle their way smoothly toward lovely after a little while in contact with the air.  Both bottles have a snuggly close flavor while managing at the same time a certain far off distance from the palate.  The highly trained sipper such as myself will detect that both wines have a distinct underlying fruit flavor which is subtly reminiscent of grapes.  One of my favorite flavors for wine. 

My best recommendation is that I would bring either bottle to a friend's home as a dinner party gift.  It is in the same spirit that I submit them, humbly, for your approval.  Cheers!

Sponsorship Note:  Neither vintner mentioned in this post is compensating me for my opinions. If they choose to send me a case or two, however, I wouldn't refuse the shipments.

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