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I believe in discovering fun and pleasurable things wherever I find myself each day and I am told I have a knack for unearthing them. My hope is that by sharing in my pleasures and some of my ways of finding them you will begin to collect all the riches that lie in the moments of your life. They are there. Take them! All our lives should be.....Epic.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

A Master

My Dad used to say that there are people that win trophies and then there are champions. Dare I say that Mr. Mickleson's victory today at The Masters golf tournament is the triumph of a good husband? And a true champion? A lovely putt at the eighteenth green and a rush into the arms of his ailing wife who was able to leave bed for only the first time this week. A tear running down his cheek as they held each other. That says it all.

Here's to you Mr. M. Here's to you. A champion, indeed.


heavy tweed jacket said...

Great post. Mr. Mickelson is a champion and hero in every sense.

Main Line Sportsman said...

Yes, Phil is a class act...unlike one if his competitors who fit his wife with a set of horns and himself with a mantle of shame.

Belle de Ville said...

Can we all just agree that this guy is a class act.

James said...

I am full of admiration for him. Let's hope it stays in the news for as long as Tiger's story has.....yeah like that's gonna happen!

Easy and Elegant Life said...

And what a marked contrast to some others in the world of sports... There's hope!

Anonymous said...

The putt -- the long kiss with his wife.. a tear - and I choked up too.