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I believe in discovering fun and pleasurable things wherever I find myself each day and I am told I have a knack for unearthing them. My hope is that by sharing in my pleasures and some of my ways of finding them you will begin to collect all the riches that lie in the moments of your life. They are there. Take them! All our lives should be.....Epic.

Saturday, November 30, 2013

The Epic Cellar: Another Coppola Winner

I admit that I bought it because it was beautiful.  And like all of us, I have been fooled by beauty before.  Succumbing to form over substance.  Part of the human condition, it seems. Particularly among the Edwardian Romantic crowd. Certain catastrophic dates long ago.  Driving a Peugeot 505 for several years.  But despite the lessons of the past, when I saw this bottle of Coppola Sofia Rose I gave in once again.  Because it was deep into a tropical summer when Rose is the best.  And because I couldn't find a bottle of my favorite Tavel out in the provinces.

Then I forgot about it.  Tedious business issues and appointments intervened, truncating the summer tippling hours. The bottle lingered in my cellar, all alone.  Two seasons passed.  Until it was time for our traditional Thanksgiving Day feast.  At which I am the only one drinking wine.  I peered into the cellar and saw that lovely bottle.  A great compliment to our meal of turkey and ham with all the accompaniments. If it was any good.

I am very pleased to report that this is another really nice wine from the Coppola vineyards.  It was a joy to drink with our meal, and equally wonderful just for sipping afterward.  This wine has enough character and subtlety to pair with most foods.  It will never remove Tavel from the top of my rose list but Coppola Sofia Rose (at around $15 a bottle) is a gem very worthy of your time.  Cheers!

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